A cozy and modern family home

A cozy and modern family home

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With security, marked character and personal style. Thus he faced the Interior Design Study Suspensivo Point the reform of this floor, property of the illustrator and designer Elena Queralt, who actively participated in each of the decisions so that The project adapts to the needs of your family: A young couple with two little girls. Calm and calm, thanks to a decoration that abuses the neutrals, both in the lines and in the tones, but at the same time dynamic, by the distribution and fluidity between environments.

This house of 196 m2 -distributed in day area, bedrooms, bathrooms and study- is located in a building built in the 60s and since then it had not been reformed. Suspensivo Point opted to maintain the essence of construction, for which retained the oak floor, installed in spike, and part of the hydraulic floor in the kitchen. The old iron radiators, doors and windows have been restored.

To adapt the construction and spaces to the needs of a current life, where the family shares many moments but where each member also needs their privacy, partitions moved, walls were torn down and others were replaced by glazing. Thus, light circulates freely and the feeling of spaciousness it's undeniable. The hall is integrated into the living room and in turn the dining room in the kitchen. The work area is isolated from the common area with a screen and sliding door in iron and glass which, at the same time, maintains visual communication. Once a well-organized base was achieved, only simple furniture and discrete brushstrokes of color were needed, which matched the style.

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Plants not only fulfill an aesthetic function. The benefits they report on our health and mood deserve a space inside the house. The owner of this house has given them a corner of the living room, next to the window, and has created a green oasis with indoor varieties such as cactus, Adam's Rib or Kentia.
Planters, similar for sale in Los Peñotes, Ikea or Verdecora.

Neutral tones in the room

The living area invites you to rest and calm. To pause the daily rhythm. And the colors chosen affect the result: moles, gray and white broken base, a calm color palette in which discrete nuances of mustard yellow and blue appear in its more muted versions.

Ikea sofa and fiber pouf. On this one, round cushion, Suspended Point. Carpet, from KP. From Batavia: coffee table in teak wood, yellow armchair, signature There is, and cushions. Next to the sofa, an old seamstress, acquired in Tesla, serves as an auxiliary table. The suspended lamp is a design of the owner, Elena Queralt.

The decoration pays tribute to the 50s

In the living room, an area was dedicated to storage, as functional furniture. Showcase, by Ikea, with drawings and works by Elena Queralt ( and bar cabinet with space for vinyl, restored by the owner. On the wall, original Cuban poster and engraving, by Queralt. Lamp and vase, from Habitat. Old record player, from The Popular Museum. Speaker, from Bang & Olufsen. Chair Eames Plastic RAR, by Vitra.

A room without partitions

For the distribution of the plant and to gain breadth and luminosity, between the living room and the dining room, the hall was located, an open space delimited by a carpet of geometric motifs. In this photo you can see the succession of environments.

Lamp with built-in side table and blanket, by Habitat. Cup, Suspended Point. On the wall, framed drawings made by the owner and her daughters.

Nordic style in the dining room

All corners maintain the same decorative unit, based on simplicity and charm that conveys the Nordic style. As an example, the dining room: the geometric motifs of the paper lining the wall are added to the wooden pieces; and through the fixed enclosure, in iron and glass, it communicates visually with the kitchen, with which it shares natural light. The luminaries put the originality note with three designs. The two roof are models of the 60s, restored, which were in the house when the current owner acquired it.

The paper is a design by Arne Jacobsen, from Scandinavian Design, for sale at Suspensivo Point. The table, in oak, was acquired in La Europea. The chairs, in natural oak, are from Habitat and combine with two others purchased at El Rastro in Madrid and painted. Wall clock, from Muji. Floor lamp, for sale in Habitat.

An open kitchen

Although independent, the kitchen is integrated into the rest of the house through the windows with black iron profiles, which finish off the partitions from half height to the ceiling.

Practical and aesthetic resources: A corridor with shelves

The wall of the passage area has been used with a custom bookstore, made by cabinetmaker Manuel Castey. A hand of slate paint, signature Valentine, covers the wall that delimits the kitchen as a panel.

Visual connection from the kitchen

The absence of doors in the kitchen favors the transit to the dining room. White PVC furniture, from Nectali. Siusone Zeus white countertop.

Improvised meals

In the kitchen a practical dining room has been created with a wooden table, recovered from a closet and that serves as a bar, and a couple of stools, for sale in Habitat.

The heart of the house: the kitchen

The kitchen, which is fully visible, exhibits an updated retro air. The original hydraulic floor has been recovered on the kitchen floor, a retro wink that centers the style. In the same line the beveled tiles in white gloss of the walls have been chosen.

The furniture? The work area is concentrated on a maxi island, which houses the water zone, cooking and storage modules. On an additional front are the refrigerator and the storage area. Everything, blank. Ikea hood, porcelain sink and blue trolley with wheels. Garbage cans, from Simplehuman.

Creation space

What a pleasure to work with natural light! For this reason the tables were attached to the wall in which the window is located. Through the sliding door you can see the U-shaped distribution of the furniture, between tables and storage modules. In a neutral environment, which gives prominence to the creation of ideas, highlights an old furniture recovered and then the table on which Elena draws.

Glass tables, by Habitat. Chairs Eames Plastic, for Vitra

Artist's soul

The table on which Elena forges her ideas is composed of a glass envelope and the wooden structure of an old drawing board. The stool was purchased at an antique shop. At your fingertips, paintings. pencils, markers ... To create!

Children's room

The girls room adds color and joy. The result is functional and very vital. The girls sleep in the same room on bunk beds. This space has also incorporated a small desk next to the window and a small table, although the small ones in the house have a game room just for them and their fantasies.

Train bunk, from Xíkara. Wool rug, from Batavia.

Game room

The fun is served! Hours of play and evasion in a space tailored to the two queens of the house. Tales and toys are kept in order in a warehouse front, equipped with closed shelves. The rest of the room is clear, which has allowed to build a playhouse in the center. If you choose a folding textile design, you can tear it down and lift it again in the blink of an eye.

A spacious bathroom

After the reform, what was a large room with a window has been transformed into a bathroom for girls to use. For this reason it was equipped with a bathtub and a front with two sinks, installed on an L-shaped countertop inverted in microcement.

Washbasins, by Bathco, in La Guardia. Mosaist hydraulic tile floor. Round mirrors and chest of drawers, from Ikea. Basket, from Habitat. The bank has been acquired in Mimub.

A very bright bathroom

On the wall that the bathroom shares with the washing area, a strip of pavements has been installed that allows natural light access to that interior space.

Steel towel rail, Habitat.

More and more plants

In the girls' bathroom, a wall was used to include storage furniture and decorating plants. Ikea magazine rack and wooden shelf.

The main room

This room maintains the decorative line used throughout the house: simplicity that raises the result. Wood provides the essential warmth in such a personal space. Neutral tones are only altered by lime yellow details. In a corner an inspiring composition with a French armchair from the 40s, acquired in La Recova, and an auxiliary table on which hangs a maxi white tubular screen.

Photography, by Borja Delgado. Ikea's bed. Cushions, House and Field. Blankets, from Habitat. Elm-shaped staircase shelf in El Globo Muebles. Cushions, from Zara Home. Leather rug, from BoConcept. Side table with iron foot, House and Field. About it, accessories for sale in Habitat.

Corners to enjoy

In the living room, in the studio or, like this one, in the bedroom. To read for a while before bed, to talk at the end of the day, to review the agenda and appointments of the week ... A mini be perfect.

Order with pleasure in the dormitproip

Several hangers in natural ash wood in different sizes, perfect to leave accessories in sight but neat. They are the model The Dots, of the Muuto signature.


This bathroom is integrated into the master bedroom through the dressing room. Small in size but well equipped with washbasin, toilet and a work shower lined with microcement. Hydraulic tile, from Mosaist. Furniture, from Ikea.

House plan and reform ideas

- Reform He valued the original elements of the house: floors, radiators, doors and windows. The redistribution of spaces emphasizes the luminosity enjoyed by the house and connects environments. The feeling of spaciousness is repeated. Long live comfort!
- A mixture of 10: the good harmony that has been created between the furniture, of current and simple lines in wood, and the old pieces, which were in the house and have been restored. Furniture, accessories and textiles add warmth.