A flat with mixed styles

A flat with mixed styles

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East 66 m2 flat It is part of a new building built in the historic center of Malaga by Salsa Inmobiliaria. Its great distribution - which has nothing to envy to that of a larger house - includes a hall, kitchen, living room with work corner, a short hallway with a closet, which leads to a full bathroom, and a large bedroom, in addition from a terrace overlooking the Plaza de Camas.

From his decoration was commissioned by interior designer Pili Molina, who found a perfect base: a 3 m high ceiling, walls with pearl gray plastic paint, natural flooring and lacquered carpentry, all in keeping with the character and lifestyle of the owners, a young couple of Swedish origin.

The decoration of the floor stands out for taking advantage of its meters and its Timeless mix of styles. The first step taken by the interior designer was to design custom furniture in the living room to maximize the depth and height of the space, rectangular in plan. With a multifunction bench, 3.80 m long, which runs a good part of the wall of the living room and a bookcase with a larger shelf, which serves as a desk, he succeeded. The rest of the furniture are comfortable pieces, but with tight dimensions so as not to recharge the space.

The decorator surprised the owners by giving a Andalusian touch to the decoration of your bedroom. In the dressing room area, he placed an enea bank, the traditional one that can be found in baskets, but completely renovated it with a painting in a delicate pastel green water color. Finally, Pili Molina played with multiple colors by combining several that, a priori, have nothing to do ... the bookcase is blue, the dining table is yellow, the sofa is beige and the armchairs look upholstery as disparate as a leg of Black and white rooster and a turquoise tropical print.

Advertising - Read on below Diversity with charm

The dynamic and balanced decoration, which combines classic and retro furniture with details chic, gives the room a stately air brimming with life.

Sofa in capitoné, of the firm Crisal; style armchair vintage upholstered, round cushion and glass candle, purchased at La Albaida. Sun mirrors, from Masol Warehouses. Blanket beige, from Zara Home.

Two in one bookcase

Designed by the decorator Pili Molina, it provides the space with greater functionality, since it incorporates a shelf with more background that serves as a desk. Due to its blue color and its height, according to the more than 3 m of the roof of the house, it focuses attention.

Bookstore made to measure by Carpentry Miranda. Armchair reupholstered by La Albaida. Coffee tables and carpet, from Ikea.

Shared space

Dining room and be attached to one of the walls in line with the window; a successful distribution given its rectangular plan, which creates a feeling of spaciousness by freeing a comfortable passage area.

Table recovered and lacquered in yellow by Carpentry Miranda. Chairs, Crisal and lamps; in La Albaida. Picture, of Masol Warehouses.

Lights and shadows

The pearl gray walls and the platform, with its natural grain, are surfaces full of nuances in contact with natural light. A perfect background to enhance shapes and textures.

Ikat floor and cushion lamp, from La Albaida. Mustard blanket and silk cushion, with black and white sheets, from Almacenes Masol. Linen curtains, from Ikea.

Multipurpose furniture

In the living room highlights the functionality of a bank, which blends with the walls, lacquered in the same tone. It has a refined design that makes it a versatile piece; Useful as furniture for the TV, library and extra storage area.

3.80 m long bench designed by the decorator Pili Molina and custom made by Carpintería Miranda. Baskets with handle, from Ikea.

Very current distribution

Two sliding doors, which slide on a chrome bar, communicate and separate the living room and kitchen; an independent and interior space, equipped with bright white furniture to achieve more luminosity.

On the table: glass and metal vases, from Masol Warehouses, and Zara Home crockery. Door installation by El Corte Inglés.

A household that falls in love

The traditional aesthetic pieces and vintage They are beautiful and give a romantic air to the table. Do not forget them daily and in celebrations!

Cup with plate, from Zara Home. Crystal fountain, from Ikea.

Well distributed

The kitchen stands out for its impeccable symmetry and purity. Two successes, its distribution in U and the installation of the sink in the wall that is most seen from the living room, with the doors open. Frigo y campana, by Balay. Tap and sink, from Cata.

With charm

A water bench painted in water green prints an Andalusian air to the dressing room decoration. It is a charming piece that, together with the mirror with metallic paint, that the owners already had, and a handmade rug, offer a flirtatious contrast with the current carpentry.

Enea Bank, acquired in a basketry, and painted by Carpentry Miranda. Knitted basket, of The Weaving Spider.

The special tones are wonderful

A green pastel water gives a new identity to any furniture and complement, also to those of traditional and old invoice. Knitted basket, of The Weaving Spider.

Classic renovated

The feminine, vintage and country chic accessories that bring freshness and revitalize the decoration, also subtract sobriety from the pickled headboard and the set of sheets.

Headboard, bedside tables, floral cushion and bedding, from Zara Home. Stamped boxes, from Masol Warehouses. Artificial apple-blossom branches, from Euroflor, and the vintage standing cage, for sale in La Albaida.

The gold is elegant

In small doses, as was done in this bedroom, gold is a sophisticated tone. Dare to decorate with him. Lamp with pineapple-shaped foot and tables, from Zara Home. Printed box, from Masol Warehouses.

Warm and current

Porcelain stoneware is the protagonist in the bathroom, which gains visual interest with its rich variety of nuances. A plus of warmth: the wood of
suspended washbasin cabinet.

Roca washbasin and cabinet with removable drawers. Vases, from Masol Warehouses. Towel rack by Ikea. Towels, from Zara Home.

Wall to wall screen

According to the aesthetics of the bathroom, its design is refined and its sheets are transparent to create a feeling of greater spatial amplitude. Roca washbasin and furniture.

Distribution plant and ideas


- The solution designed to integrate the kitchen into the living room is a success for its functionality and impeccable aesthetics. Through a system in sight, composed of a chrome bar and bearings, two lacquered doors slide and leave a large opening to access its interior. Open, they allow natural light to enter this interior space without a window.

- The doors replace the traditional partition and are an example of how to get more out of the useful surface of the house by opting for a flexible distribution.

- The organization and design of the kitchen is planned based on your perspective from the living room. Therefore, the closet doors are smooth and lacquered and some appliances are paneled to make them "invisible."