Your terrace, beautiful for the good weather

Your terrace, beautiful for the good weather

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Míriam Yeleq /

Undoubtedly, one of the incentives of good weather is spending time abroad. And if your house has a terrace or a balcony this is the time to set it up. Details deco fun, practical and full of style to enjoy that space both day and night: lights, utensils, furniture ... Long live the spring!

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Prepare a snack to watch the sunset and keep it under a glass bell. Source Trough (€ 35.07). On Amazon.

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2 light garland

The nights in your mini mini-terrace will be spectacular: this garland of lights by Mr. Twinklelight is charged with solar energy during the day: efficient and environmentally friendly. After a full charge it can look between 6 and 8 hours. On Amazon.

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3 Table for two Miriam Yeleq

The lack of meters sharpens the ingenuity, so don't give up your little outer oasis. However cumbersome the balcony is, there are always ingenious solutions. Here, a small table with a crescent shape - which is attached to the railing to occupy less space - and folding chairs, achieve a charming urban corner.

Complement it with a micro garden based on aromatic plants and showy flowers in planters or baskets. To enjoy it also at night, when the temperature is cooler, add garlands of LED lights on the railing, as in this proposal, of Emmme Studio.

4 Carpet Miriam Yeleq

A multicolored carpet will give more life and freshness to the terrace. Model Udaquiola (€ 24.95), from El Corte Inglés.


5 Tray with pots Miriam Yeleq

With its cheerful color it will animate the space. Emerald green zinc tray, with three pots (€ 6), from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

6 rattan lantern Miriam Yeleq

Invite your partner to a romantic evening illuminated by a dim light. Rattan lantern Naxos (€ 69.95), from El Corte Inglés.

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7 Cover Miriam Yeleq

Folding chairs are more comfortable with a cushion. Cover, by Maisons du Monde (€ 24.95).

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8 Terracotta pot Miriam Yeleq

If you do not have time to take care of the plants, bet on varieties with less irrigation. Cactus and other succulents are perfect. Stamped terracotta pot (€ 3.50); in Primark.

9 Brass Watering Can Miriam Yeleq

Garden tools can also be part of the decoration. Model Watering Can Socker, Brass (€ 6). In Ikea

10 Table and chairs set Miriam Yeleq

The best solution for your space problems. Set Moni formed by a table and two folding chairs, with iron structure (€ 129). In Bauhaus

11 rattan stool Miriam Yeleq

Look for multifunctional pieces that serve as both a small table and an auxiliary seat or footrest. Model rattan stool Boreal (€ 39). It's from El Corte Inglés.

12 Crockery Miriam Yeleq

Make your night special with a dinner presented in the dishes of the occasions. Model Flower gold (from € 6.95 each). In the English Court.


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