10 practical ideas with velcro

10 practical ideas with velcro

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With something as simple as a velcro tape you can solve many household problems and especially order small objects such as makeup brushes, pencils and markers on your children's desk or bathroom accessories.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Customize your bed

If you want to save money and avoid having to place a traditional skirt, design your own model with a fabric patch that you will simply join with a velcro.

2 A DIY headband

With a scrap of fabric and on the back a velcro strip, you will avoid having hair on your face when you are at home.

3 An exhibition of paste

Making compositions with paintings on the walls is very fashionable. If the next time you want to place your photos differently you don't want to have to repair the walls with putty, hang them with Velcro strips placed on the back.

4 Keep your workspace tidy

Scissors, masking tape, pliers ... With three Velcro strips you will make your tools perfectly placed and give your work space a handmade touch.

5 If you don't want to lose control ...

Place a velcro strip on the sides of the coffee table and another on the back of the remote control and you will always have it under control!

6 Prevent the carpet from slipping

How nice it is when the carpet doesn't move when you step on it! The solution to achieve it? Place velcro on the inside and easily fix it to the floor.

7 Organize your bathroom accessories

If you need an extra complement of storage in the bathroom, you only need a few plastic cups, some Velcro strips and paste them on the back of a closet. That easy!

8 Ride a grocer!

With a little velcro you will be able to put order in your spice cans. Place a velcro semicircle on the boats and a horizontal strip on the kitchen wall and you will have a handy grocer.

9 Brush here ... or there!

Avoid having to look for your brushes on all sides. The solution is possible with just two velcro straps.

10 dishcloths in order

How many times have you found the dishcloth lying on the floor? Avoid the problem with this simple solution: sew two Velcro strips that you can attach and place, for example, in the oven handle.


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