Tamago Sando: The Japanese egg sandwich that sweeps Instagram

Tamago Sando: The Japanese egg sandwich that sweeps Instagram

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Is there anything more exciting than discovering new recipes? Above all, if they are as delicious as this curious Japanese sandwich that does not stop peeling on Instagram. Your name, Tamago Sando, literally means egg sandwich, but the preparation is not as simple as it seems, and to prepare it in conditions, you must know certain tricks ... To begin with, the ingredients.

You will need fresh eggs, Kewpie mayonnaise, and shokupan (a kind of fluffy Japanese bread than usual). And no, another mayonnaise is not worth it. In case you did not know, the main difference between the Japanese and the traditional one is that the first one uses yolks and rice vinegar, getting a creamier and tastier texture. Once you have all the ingredients ready, the fun begins!

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The first step will be to cook the eggs (you will need two to make two sandwiches). The ideal? Let them pass through water. That is, the more tender inside, the better! Next, peel the eggs, cut them in two halves, and reserve.

The next step will be to cook other eggs for the sandwich filling. It is recommended to leave them on fire three minutes longer than the previous ones so that they are well cooked. When they are done, cut them into small pieces and mix them with mayonnaise to taste. You can add a little salt if you prefer.

Now, take two slices of bread, and pour the egg mixture with mayonnaise in one of them. Add half an egg right in the middle, and cover with the other slice.

Repeat the same process in the other sandwich, and you already have them!

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