This 19th century farmhouse comes to life with a fresh rustic look

This 19th century farmhouse comes to life with a fresh rustic look

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María and her husband, Isidro, found the perfect refuge a few kilometers from their house in Barcelona: a charming 19th-century farmhouse, in the Baix Empordà, where the couple and their three children used to spend their vacations.

MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN. Surrounded by the fantastic landscape of the Baix Empordà, this farmhouse, dating back to 1800, came alive after a reform in which special care was taken to maintain the traditional rural flavor. The trees offer a plus of comfort: a hammock attached to the logs promises pleasant summer naps. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

“We were very lucky,” María acknowledges, “her previous owner was an English lady who had just widowed and wanted to return to her country. He sold it at a very good price and, in addition, it was in perfect condition. ”And the house had already been renovated; the last time in the late 90s, by the architecture studio Auquer i Prats, experts in rehabilitating traditional buildings with typical materials of the area to achieve their full integration with the landscape.

IN A SPECTACULAR PLACE. The farmhouse has a great pool on one side of the garden, which allows its owners to enjoy incredible views while cooling on warm days. He surrounded himself with a wooden fence, functional and very decorative, thinking about the safety of the three children in the house. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

You just had to change some details to adjust your aesthetic, too rustic and dark, for a new, more current image, but without losing an iota of its essence.

This porch connects with the kitchen. In this cozy corner a living area was created with reclaimed furniture. A pergola covered with a green mantle provides shade, as well as freshness. It is a variety of deciduous that in winter will fall, clearing the space and letting sunlight. Bench, from Sacum. The cushions are from Coco-Mat and Sira. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

"We conserve almost everything, from the floors and the carpentry to the distribution, and we just expand one of the porches to make a dining area and a summer kitchen," Maria tells us.

Inside the house, traditional architecture and original materials give each and every atmosphere a special charm. Vaulted ceilings, whitewashed walls and artisanal flooring are an important part of the decoration. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

To give more light to the house and, at the same time, bring a more fresh and friendly touch to the rustic style, the whole interior was painted white, including the ceilings that, in some areas of the house are ceramic vaults and in others They have wooden beams.

In the living area, the wall of the fireplace stands out - the old oven of the farmhouse - with a wooden beam as a shelf. It is flanked by two windows that focus attention. The carpentry remained, but it was painted in a green tone typical of the area. White sofa, leather armchair, stools and fiber pouf, by Sacum. Cushions, Very Much, Cado, Filocolore, El Meu Coixi and Sita. Carpets: jute, Coco-Mat, and striped, from B&B Collection. On the wall, photograph by Jordi Esteva. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

Doors and windows were also updated with paint in a very soft green tone; the same that is repeated both in the kitchen furniture and in the bathrooms, as well as in many of the textiles and accessories that fill all the rooms with freshness and naturalness.

Once the works were finished, Maria personally took care of the decoration of the farmhouse. Each corner of the house reflects your taste for combining chosen pieces from different eras, styles and finishes.

The dining room communicates with the garden through a glazed enclosure formed by two fixed panels, a swinging door and a small folding top window. In the decoration of this environment, the fiber chairs were combined with an antique high chair, made of iron and with the wooden table. Mesa, Last Stop. Fiber chairs, from Sacum. The tablecloth is from Filocolore. Cushions, from Sira. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

And from objects that they already had, from small finds in brocantes or antique stores, from carpets of vegetable fiber and from curtains made with fabrics that were brought from a trip to Morocco, Maria achieved a very serene and cozy rustic image.

The kitchen was completely renovated with green painted wooden furniture, antique brass shell-shaped handles and handmade tiles. Its design is inspired by the rustic style of the houses of L'Empordà. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN


Whether wood, concrete or steel, painting them white, they will be integrated into the decoration. This finish is the most suitable to optically remove the ceiling and make the room seem wider. In environments with plastered walls and mud floors, the tone of the wood will create a beautiful contrast. In addition, if you review the interviews of the same material or finish, you will accentuate the feeling of warmth. The decorative polyurethane beams that mimic the wood are easily placed, maintenance free and resist moisture well. They are also a very practical resource for hiding electrical or heating installations, since they are hollow.

In the master bedroom, beams and entrevigas were painted in white, to match the walls, to integrate them into the decoration. This neutral base was combined with details and textile accessories in different shades of green. Headboard, bench, frame and carpet, by Sacum. Quilt, by El Meu Coixi. Cushions, from Coco-Mat. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN The different heights of the ceiling help to define the environment of the washbasin and that of the bathtub, located under the skylight. Here, the wall was coated with microcement colored with green pigments, from La Bisbal d'Empordà. Carpet, by Sacum. Framed photographs, work by Aitor Lara. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN The washbasin cabinet was painted the same color as the carpentry throughout the house. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN In the decoration of the children's room, full of natural light and with spectacular views, we opted for a palette of soft colors, very subtle red brushstrokes, wooden furniture and details in vegetable fiber. Sisal carpet and red striped cushions, of Sacum. Duvet covers by Zara Home. Plaid, from La Maison. Sack cushion, by El Meu Coixi. Red rocking chair, brocanter. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

The ideal place to escape from stress and daily hustle and rest in one of the wonderful landscapes of the rugged Costa Brava.

An iron pergola works as an extension of the house to the garden. It was covered with a cane roof that provides a beautiful shadow effect, with sun rays filtering through the holes in the structure. The cushions are from Coco-Mat and Sira. The fiber basket comes from Sacum. JOSÉ LUIS HAUSMANN

Realization: Olga Gil-Vernet.


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