Tricks to make the windows look bigger

Tricks to make the windows look bigger

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Advertising - Keep reading below Make the curtains the focal point

A bold print is all you need to get attention to the windows. These vertical striped curtains point the gaze up to make the ceilings look taller, too.

Hang the bar as high as possible

If you want your window to appear taller and wider, try this trick from designer Don Stewart: "Install an extra long curtain rod near the ceiling, with curtains to the ground you manage to create this illusion." This proposal combines two tricks in one, ideal.

Bet on low furniture

The furniture with which you equip a room also affects how the windows will be appreciated. "Place smaller furniture or low height near or under the window to fool the view with the scale," says Bilotto.

Extend the bar beyond the frame

Strategically placed, curtain rods can help "widen" the width of the window, according to designer Amy Berry. "I like that the bars protrude approx. 40 cm from the edge of the window whenever possible," he says. This tricks the mind into thinking that part of the wall is part of the window.

Cover the walls with curtains

"Extending the curtains from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall around the window makes them appear larger," explains Francesco Bilotto. The reason? This makes it unclear the size of the windows.

Use sturdy fabrics

"Nothing worse than short or stunted curtains," says Berry. Not only will a thick material make them look more classy, ​​they are also ideal for hiding the actual size of the windows when you use the longer bar tricks.

Paint a border around the window

Or opt for a window frame larger than the standard dimensions. Adding that extra thickness to the window frame creates a more striking impact on the room and they will look bigger, says Bilotto.

Overlapping curtains and blinds

In the same way that a curtain rod can help you "expand" in the width of the window, the blinds can help create more height sensation. "Hang the blinds just under the curtain rod to make the windows look taller," says Berry.

Or add color to the frame

Not everyone can paint their walls, we know, the problems of being a tenant. But there are solutions. "Paint the frame a darker shade, to achieve a similar effect," says Stewart. Since this is a smaller surface, it doesn't take much time if you have to repaint later.

Avoid the white walls

This is especially important if the window frames are white, too. "It paints the walls surrounding the window a darker and cooler color, and the walls will make the window expand in sight," says Stewart.

Use patterned fabrics

"Fabrics with vertical prints will add height to the windows," says Stewart. "Horizontally they will create the illusion of width." The most common vertical pattern is stripes, of course.

Windows with lots of color

We talked about furniture, walls, curtains, whatever you want ... "It's like you immerse the entire room in a bucket of paint without limits," says designer Barry Dixon.

Be creative with the texture

That may mean using a fabric made of different materials (cotton and silk stripes) or overlapping two curtains with different textures. "This gives a sense of depth and movement," says designer Jamie Drake.

Via: House Beautiful US


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