Insects are trending

Insects are trending

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- Insects that decorate
Ladybugs, ants and other creatures with six or more legs are in fashion.

- Decorate with sheets
Posters or prints ... varieties or samples of an insect, a plant or a flower.

Advertising - Keep reading under Decorative insects

Dare to put a natural touch in any corner of your house with details decorated with beetles, bees, butterflies and other bugs.

Green beetle

Any wall of your house will gain prominence with a painting in which a huge insect is the protagonist. This one, with a green beetle, is the
model Scarabee, from Maisons du Monde. It has measures of 16 x 26 cm (€ 5.95).

Plate with print

Feminine, modern and original, the butterfly print is an ideal option for tables and celebrations of all kinds. The plate Vintage Biological Butterfly, from the firm Persora, is melamine. It measures 44 cm in diameter (€ 32.85).

Ceramic ant

To decorate the coffee table or to animate the shelves of the bookcase, the ornaments in the shape of insects will monopolize all eyes. This ceramic ant is a creation of Mambo Unlimited Ideas. It measures 30 x 19 x 10 cm (€ 126). Also in green and gold.

Cup Duo

This duo of cups is ideal for couples: dragonfly, she; beetle he. Or vice versa! Bloomingville signature cups (€ 4.95 each approx.).

A very decorative bug

A little paste, some wire and paint and you will have a very decorative bug on the wall, framed and everything. Join the fashion of insects at home.

Look how to do it: A very decorative bug

White crockery set

You will find pieces of utensils so beautiful that they are authentic decorative elements. You'll want to use them as centerpieces! White crockery set with golden details, designed and illustrated by Nuria Blanco: 23 x 23 cm tray and bowl (€ 100.43).

Cheerful butterflies

Hang them from the ceiling, as if it were a mobile, from the curtain rod, behind the door, on a piece of furniture ...

Look how to do it: Decorate your bedroom with these cheerful butterflies.


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