The 7 most common types of potatoes you should know

The 7 most common types of potatoes you should know

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Miriam Yeleq

There are more than 5,000 but we have chosen the most peculiar to know something better:

Yellow Creole Potato. It is one of the most popular types in Peru where there are more than 3,000 varieties. Do not boil it excessively or puncture it because it bursts and its texture makes it ideal for purees.

Potato Edo. It is a very curious tuber, also known as Malanga. Its origin is located in Thailand. With low sodium content, peel and cook for half an hour to eat it as is, puree or fry. Its flavor is similar to the potato although somewhat sweeter.

Primor Potato Small in size and round oval, they have a uniform appearance and their yellowish skin is very thin. They receive this name because they are collected before their natural maturation and their skin detaches easily. Super recommended for roasting or in stews because their meat is consistent.

Ratte potato. Originally from France and Denmark, it is also known as asparges. Highlights its delicate nutty flavor. Elongated and somewhat curved, they are perfect for the oven or roasts.

Red Pontiac Potato. Round shaped, it has red skin and white flesh. Many consider it the best variety for potato tortillas, but it is also ideal to accompany vegetables and legumes.

Spunta Potato With a smooth and buttery flavor, it is elongated and of a good size. Very versatile, it is the best for oven and cooking for its mealy meat.

Potato Vitelotte. Receive this name by violet tone. Rich in antioxidants, its aroma reminds of the smell of nuts and is exquisite pureed.

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You need a good oil and some good potatoes. You must fry them in two stages: a first fried at 140º C, let stand and cool, and a second one, at 180º C. Remove them on paper towels to absorb the oil and ready!

INFO Its caloric content varies according to how they are prepared: from 80 calories / 100 g boiled to 450 calories if they are fried.


It is an easy recipe and ideal to do with children.

The main matter is potatoes, they must be of floury variety such as baracca, spunta or kennebec. The best thing for mash is to cook them with skin and whole because they will absorb less water and lose less starch. Put them in a pot with cold water and salt. Water should be 3-4 cm above.

Once well cooked, use a fork to crush them and add bits of cold butter or olive oil. Add hot milk to the mixture and, if you want it to be more fluffy, add a whipped egg white to stiff snow and some species such as nutmeg or pepper.

It is preferable to consume it at the moment although it lasts 48 hours in the refrigerator in good condition.


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