A movie cabin by the sea

A movie cabin by the sea

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Designed by the architects Humbert & Poyet and built with natural materials, this 48 square meter minicasa is the perfect vacation retreat for its owner. In total white, idyllic, with dreamlike views and bathed in the luminosity of the Italian coast.

Advertising - Keep reading below An almost outdoor area

The living room floor is lined with hand-painted wooden slats. Table and bench made to measure and designed by Humbert & Poyet; second-hand piano, by Emmaus; stool of an antique dealer of Paris and swing and cushion, of Etsy.

The views over the sea

The terrace, which measures only 3 square meters, overlooks the Mediterranean and offers privileged views.

Shaded area

The outdoor dining room has been protected with fiber blinds as a canopy.

Message in a cabin

On the wall, made of wood and painted with an aged finish, letters that indicate the name of the house: La Mer Veille

The kitchen

The kitchen has been furnished with custom furniture, Humbert & Poyet design, and Carrara marble countertop. The sink is a design by the architects. Lefroy & Brooks faucets; suspension lamps by Petlamp and fireplace by Brisach, model Fonte Flamme LB.

Vintage kitchenware

On the hob, an old coffee maker.

Cutlery in gold

Cutlery detail with the golden reflection on the predominant white background.

Casement windows

Around the dining room, folding windows that let between the luminosity and the sea breeze.

The dinner room

It has been furnished with a custom sofa, designed by Humbert & Poyet; table bought at an English market and stool vintage.

Table set to detail

With golden cutlery and decorated with flowers.

Access to the bedrooms

Next to the kitchen a staircase through which you access the two bedrooms.

The main room

Here the bed rises on a platform of hand-painted slats. Apply model Spreaderlight, from Tekna; custom made bed; Bedding, Habitat, and throw Ancient African

Retro mirror

It is located in the master bedroom and was bought at an antique dealer in Paris.

The second bedroom

The bed is raised and at the bottom has a storage space: Bedding, Habitat. On the wall, a ship bought in a store vintage from Paris.

Mini bathroom

Painted with a brush effect, it has been illuminated with a Tekna wall lamp. The blinds are made to measure. Mirror, purchased from a Nice antique dealer; Bespoke washbasin cabinet and washbasin, both designed by Humbert & Poyet. Lefroy & Brooks faucet.

The swinging of the swing

The swing is second-hand and the cushion was purchased at Etsy.

The horizon

The views from the cabin to the Merditerranean sea are a luxury.

Humbert & Poyet, portrait of the architects

The architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, architects of the project.