Keys to decorate your bedroom with a unique style

Keys to decorate your bedroom with a unique style

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The decoration of the bedroom, one of the most personal rooms in the house, is very important to create a haven of peace, relaxation and rest. Write down all the keys.

Classic style bedroom updated with prints

Everything from Car Möbel.

The bed in this room is undoubtedly a leading element. Remember those dark wood models that were in the houses of our grandmothers. However, the light color lightens the furniture and highlights the beauty of its shapes. The use of white in different shades - pure, broken, bone - and black in furniture and accessories, is one of the great decorative successes. So is the use of textiles and prints, as fashionable, as the flowery quilt of bouti, padded pillows, ethnic pouf ...

OLD, BUT MODERN: The headboard and the mirror recall retro models, but their "Nordic" finishes are very current.

Headboard mosaic

Hisbalit socket.

Many times, a colorful headboard is enough to give personality and style to a bedroom. You do not need anything more. This has been done in this room, in which the wall of the head has been covered with a striking and cheerful base made of glass mosaic. Decorate for yourself, bring light and color.

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Vibrant coordinates, a colorful bedroom

Interiors of Pip Studio.

The harmony of colors is essential to obtain a good aesthetic result. In this example, the delicate flowers printed in blue and pink tones, matching the armchair fuchsia, the flower design of its backrest and the velvety touch of the upholstery are fantastic. A ten!

Ibiza room for two: install a piece of furniture!

Lorena Canals carpet.

A fantastic and tailored solution. The furniture in this room shared by brothers is built and forms a compact set: the beds with their headboards and the table, located under the window, are a whole. In this way, one hundred percent of the space is used and there is still a central corridor to move comfortably. A rug with long hair, rustic-style blankets and cushions, and wicker and rattan elements complete a typically Ibizan and casual look. We love!

HEAD-SHELF: These handy heads also serve as a shelf for books, photos, etc.
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Furniture mix, straight and curved shapes

In this bedroom of light tones, which induce sleep, it has been played with a decoration that combines furniture with straight lines - bench at the foot of the bed, bedside tables - nest; curved shapes -chair, mirror-; and mixed -head-. Super original!

White bedroom: fluid, bright

Do you like open and quiet spaces? Bet on white! Walls, floors, furniture in this color provide light, spatial amplitude and lightness. But, so that the environment is not too "flat", add some more intense detail, such as a painting, some cushions ... will create a powerful focal point.

Contrast textures

You will be able to enjoy a stunning decoration, using simple but effective resources. You dress the bed a lot - overlapping bedspreads and various cushions - and choose a bedside table that sets a surprising counterpoint, like this one with a steel finish and industrial style.

A country bedroom and city

The deco of this room fits both in rural environments and in urban flats. This versatility has been achieved by resorting to botanical motifs, and the accessories, typically rustic, that have also colonized urban interiors: the esparto headboard, the enea bank ... How good is this fusion!

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Soft autumn tones

La Redoute bedroom.

If you like to change the look of the bedroom in each of the seasons, nothing is easier than replacing textiles and accessories. In this example, autumn has been moved to the room by bedding in sand tones, cauldron ... and auxiliary natural fibers, such as the beautiful vegetable carpet.

OPEN LAMP: Luminaires without lampshades that qualify the light must have a low intensity bulb.

A bedroom in rblue elajante

Cold colors, such as blue and green, are very suitable for decorating rest rooms, because they connect us with elements of nature as sedative as the sea or the sky. Warm colors, if they are very powerful, such as red, yellow or orange, use them in details.

Recovered furniture and DIY solutions

Kenay Home bed and Kave Home bedside table.

There is no job more rewarding than designing the furniture and accessories that decorate your home. In addition, with a very low budget you get a very personal bedroom and tailored to your needs. Like this one in the photo. The headboard of the bed and the bedside table can serve as an inspiration to make your own versions. The head, with wooden slats and very watery blue paint. The bedside table, with three or four drawers of commodes or antique furniture, arranged in a tower ...

A PLUS OF LIGHT: Draws attention to the two ceiling lamps in addition to the flexo of the bedside table.

Textiles and wrapping fibers

The upholstered headboard is from HS Decor; cushions, by Andrew Martin and Nya Nordiska, and the carpet, by Lorena Canals.

Surround yourself with natural tissues to create a healthy "ecosystem" that helps you relax. Cotton, wool, soft chenille ... this beautiful space is a good example.

Take advantage of the space

Everything from Ikea.

The pull-out beds are perfect, due to their simple design and size, to adapt them to small spaces or with architectural peculiarities. In this room with sloping ceilings fits like a glove. A pedestal table and a carpet ... and voila!

LIVE THE CUSHIONS! Put many on the bed, combine contrasting colors -rose and gray-, prints, shapes ...
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