A marked industrial style floor

A marked industrial style floor

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Voilà! Interior Design found this two bedroom apartment, located in the southern part of Gran Canaria. The owner wanted to transform his interior and confer personality. For this, the study turned to the industrial style. Through mix from materials such as leather, wood and metal, a decorative unit has been created with custom-made pieces, other design pieces and also some from stores low cost

Advertising - Keep reading below The dining room, very industrial

Both the coffee table and the dining room table are custom made by a carpenter. They have been made with a sturdy wooden board and a black metallic structure. On the dining table, to emphasize the look industrial, huge lamps, model Hektar from Ikea.
The chairs mixed.

The living area

Next to the sofa, a couple of circular tables. On the wall, two sheets.

Warm colors

Warm colors abound in the living area.

Design reading corner

In a reading corner, the chair Butterfly in leather, combined with different cushions of geometric prints and baskets made of banana fibers.

Mini bar cabinet

A unique and tailored minibar, created by Polonium209 - specialists in the creation and restoration of vintage furniture -, under the guidelines of the study.

The lounge tables

Detail of the auxiliary tables of the lounge, circular and of different height.

Many touches in black

In the decoration, many touches in black, which however do not obscure the environment.

A table set The kitchen

True to the industrial style of the whole house: a lot of steel.

In shelves

On the wall, shelves for kitchenware and decorative luminous letters.

An office corner with a bar

Bar and high stools for the kitchen bar.

With message The hall, also industrial

Console, from Polonium209.

The bedroom in light tones

One of the bedrooms has a softer natural air due to the chosen shades. White predominates with touches of wood.

Textiles on the bed and paper on the wall

The textiles are high quality, linen covers and sheets combined with giant cushions of aged leather.

On the wall a wallpaper that simulates larillo seen. An idea of ​​the study in charge of interior design:

A chair and a mirror by the bed

Rattan chair, from Hk Living.

The bedroom details

The details of the bedroom: alarm clock and pot with artificial plant.

The youth bedroom

In the most youthful room, the carpentry was painted in black and different geometric shapes were combined in black and white, with a touch of color in the textiles.
The single bed has a custom headboard.

In case guests come

In another corner of the room, a sofa bed, from El Corte Inglés.

Deco table detail


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