Ideas and tips to make the table the protagonist of Christmas

Ideas and tips to make the table the protagonist of Christmas

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The keys, Step by Step

Tablecloth It must be wide and cover the entire table. If you want to give prominence to the rest of the kitchenware, use a white linen or lace. Napkins that are made of fabric, with a size of 50x50 cm. Place to the right or left of the plate or on it, but never inside the cup.

Crockery. The lowplates have a decorative function. They should be centered in front of the diner's seat, 60 cm from each other, and 1 or 2 cm from the edge of the table. The placement of the dishes will depend on the menu you are going to serve. Put an auxiliary bread plate on the left.

. This table is by Beatriz Satrústegui, for Socièté de la Table. Socièté de la Table
If the plates have a drawing, it should be at 12 o'clock

Glassware. The cups are located on the right side. The order is: glass of water, red wine and white wine. The champagne put it behind the water.

Cutlery. These are placed in order of use. The ones farthest from the plate are the first ones used. On the right, the spoon, fish knife and meat knife, and on the left, the forks. Dessert must be placed between the cups and plates.

Avoid placing decorative elements that prevent diners from seeing each other and reducing space at the table.

Be careful with the flowers of the centers, they should not have a very strong smell. Make sure the candles are not scented and keep them lit throughout the evening.

The pieces you need to assemble the Christmas table:

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