Tables decorated for Christmas ... to eat them!

Tables decorated for Christmas ... to eat them!

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It is the main protagonist of the parties being the meeting point to gather family and friends. Take out your best pieces, take care of the details and your celebrations will be a success!

If you think about what you are going to wear at your celebrations, why not also look at how you dress the table?

Advertising - Keep reading below A party breakfast IKEA

Combine the tablecloth with dishes of the same tone, candles and even lamps. Everything from Ikea.

Choose a plain cloth tablecloth in one piece to the floor, but without the risk of being stepped on by the guests, and on top, another shorter one that stands out for color contrast or for a print according to the dates, as in this table with textiles and utensils of Ikea. If your table is especially beautiful, do not cover it with a whole tablecloth, opt for beautiful paths or several individual tablecloths. Ideal!

Color games. Do you want an elegant and distinguished table? Choose a white or neutral tablecloth. For a more traditional Christmas, combine reds and greens, as in this Ikea table. Use the tartan print and you will create a very cozy atmosphere. For New Year's Eve and dinner with friends, dare with less common colors, such as indigo blue or gray.

A Christmas meal

Perfect to support objects and clear the main. More comfortable if it is with wheels.

All the elements that are on the table must harmonize with each other and with the rest of the decoration of the room, besides not being annoying for the guests. Place objects of scarce height and volume, so as not to obstruct the vision or conversation between the guests. If you put flowers or candles, choose those that do not give off much smell, since when eating, in addition to the sense of taste, the olfactory one is also used and could make it difficult to taste the dishes.

Illuminated It is important that the table is well lit, to see well what you eat, distinguish colors and textures. Most suitable, a direct light by hanging lamps with screens that filter the light, to avoid possible glare. Reconcile this light with candles that provide warmth, shelter and transmit comfort.

Snacks with a lot of style

A bank will allow you to seat more guests. Dress it with cushions or blankets, it will be more cozy.

The Christmas table should be beautiful, practical, reflect your personality and be in line with the rest of the decoration of your home. If you like vintage with romantic touches, put white tablecloths with brocades and glassware and crockery with silver touches. For a more rustic air, show off your wooden table and put only paths, use natural colors and DIY ornaments.

If the bohemian style reigns in your house, use red, green and white tones and mix different dishes. Any time. Not only at large dinners and meals, but also at snacks and even breakfasts. On these occasions, he looks for more informal looks, with unique details that give glamor to the table. If there are children, fill the color table, stain tablecloths, melamine tableware and trays full of duces and treats. You will succeed!

Christmas dinner IKEA

White mixture, which evokes serenity, with golds that suggest charm.

In your gala table you can not miss a tableware, glasses and a cutlery adapted to the menu that you are going to serve. Place a glass of water, one of red wine and one of white wine on the top, separated about 2-3 cm from the plates to the right side. The champagne one, to the right of the other glasses. The dishes, the first level plate and, above it, the rest. To his right, spoon and knife; on the left, the forks, and the dessert ones on the top of the plate.

Dazzle your guests. Impact your diners with a refined and bright table. Combine the glassware with small pieces of glass ornament, they will bring light and brightness, but still be discreet. If you also place candles nearby, as in this Ikea table, they will be used to project a dimmer light and a more welcoming atmosphere.