The 25 most beautiful bathrooms we've found on Pinterest

The 25 most beautiful bathrooms we've found on Pinterest

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Alexa Montes

After a thorough search we have managed to collect the 25 most beautiful bathrooms on Pinterest. In this selection the disparity reigns so you will not find a bathroom like another, maybe some will surprise you and maybe others will make you want to start renovations at home, in any case, enjoy and dream of a shower overlooking the countryside, a bathroom Arabic style or an ode to white.

Advertising - Keep reading below By the tiles

It is the tiles that undoubtedly embellish this bathroom, a good choice that we will certainly copy.

Pinterest: Karla FC

Mix & Win

An unusual choice of colors, lots of space, beautiful tiles and natural light: a combination that works perfectly.

Pinterest: Alexa Montes

Under your feet

The combination of tiles creates a harmonious space but we feel a deep predilection for those on the floor. And, in addition, there is natural light, bought!

Pinterest: Olga Molinuevo

Or black

A luxury design, black and wood. With this large glass wall we cannot stop dreaming about this bathroom. (To the wishlist that goes)

Pinterest: Mauricio Robles Martinez Pare

The perfect bathroom?

White very white and beautiful very beautiful. This bathroom, which we cannot stop looking at, has everything that could be desired. We ask.

Pinterest: Lucila Sedano


This bathroom has something that we like so much and so rarely are we able to describe with words.


We want it

This bathroom of a very refined rustic style has completely enchanted us look at what views!

Pinterest: María Mateo Bravo

Style spotlight

The bathtub area steals all the prominence and with good reason, the small tiles squander style.

Pinterest: MIN · NIM


Elongated, narrow, but perfect. This minimalist style bathroom is pure inspiration.

Pinterest: Sonia Esteban

A window to the field

Real or not? This simple and refined style bathroom gets rid of its walls to give way to the light and thus be able to enjoy dreamlike views, which many might think is simply a hyperrealistic mural.

Pinterest: Harmony and Design

Pure relax

Relaxing, warm and harmonious with nature, this bathroom is better than a physio.

Pinterest: Carlota Delgado

A bath in the jungle

This original bathroom looks like a portal to the very tropical rainforest. Maybe, hopefully, Tarzan appears in the undergrowth (or Jane).

Pinterest: Maison Valentina

Something different

This work bathroom stands out for its minimalist design, the lack of tiles, its uniqueness and daring. The touch of color is put by the yellow sink (which we love).

Pinterest: Palo House

Like fish in the water

This bath transports us to the most blue sea in the Caribbean thanks to its wall of turquoise scales. Within a very refined style the tiles put the spark. Do not be surprised if you see the Little Mermaid herself take a bubble bath in the large bathtub.

Pinterest: Habitissimo

Long live the wallpaper!

Bold almost daring, this small bathroom made use of the power of wallpaper to travel to the Tropic (and not return).

Pinterest: Alisia's worlds

Marble in Lisbon

A majestic marble bathroom located in an apartment in Lisbon. White, black and wood are the other elements that accompany the noble stone, and we love it.

Pinterest: Galiana Street

Green I want you green

A monochromatic bathroom imported by a large green mosaic. The simple wins this time.

Pinterest: Ode to things

When less is more

From the beginning we won the rain effect shower, later the purest minimalism, later it was the love of color ending, of course, with the great natural wall that we can not stop looking at.

Pinterest: Paula Calella

Black & white

Black and white: the most classic duo reinvents itself in this bathroom with pure lines (love it!).

Pinterest: Habitissimo

Small but bully

This small bright bathroom is full of style and personality.
(PS: We love the color of the tiles)

Pinterest: One Kings Lane

Black and white

A vintage style wooden furniture, subway tiles, geometric patterned tiles, hexagonal mirrors ... The keys to the success of this bathroom.

Pinterest: Royal Roulotte

Between salmon and trout

We loved the color, we were enchanted by the dark marble and we fell in love with the mirrors, all without forgetting that rose gold is our favorite.

Pinterest: Móbica

Let the light in

A window is always welcome in a bathroom, you never have to reject natural light. The color, the shower, the bathtub ... we like everything.

Pinterest: Nordic Treats

All to the white

If you have a small bathroom, white is a safe bet, here is the best example.

Pinterest: Nordic Treats

With little

It doesn't take much to make a bathroom look like a magazine, this one, with simple lines and colors, has the perfect touch city.

Pinterest: Yolanda


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